Part of the fun of working for a great agency is being encouraged to think. Here are some of the things we’re thinking about.

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Building Your Brand as a Millennial

February 12, 2018 Abby Alexander

Millennials, like members of any other generation, are faced with the challenge of overcoming age-based… read more

These Brands Scored Major PR Points in 2017

December 20, 2017 Molly Garvey

2017 has had its fair share of PR fails (see: Pepsi’s tone-deaf commercial with Kendall… read more

How Fast Food Restaurants Are Creating Brand Awareness on Twitter

November 6, 2017 Jonathan Houghton

We’re a creative bunch over here at the Bradford Group, so we always appreciate when… read more

Make Social Media A Part of Your Well-Balanced News Diet

October 10, 2017 Spencer Turney

The reality is this: You really can’t fault people scrolling through news feeds for thinking… read more

PR for My Business – How to Effectively Tell Your Company’s Story

April 7, 2017 Amy Stevens

How can I use PR for my business? Many companies, large and small, struggle with… read more

Designing a Logo That Works for Print and Promotional Marketing

November 23, 2016 Bradford Group Administrator

Creating a logo for your business is exciting, especially when you’re someone who’s inspired by… read more