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3 Simple Tips for Building a Brand on Social Media

February 19, 2020 the Bradford Group

Social media has become a key element of organizations’ public relations efforts in recent years. With knowledge of algorithms and access to analytics for most business accounts on social media platforms, companies can keep track of what their audiences like and respond well to. Social media also makes engagement between organizations and their audiences much more convenient, which helps businesses build their community.

Figuring out how to navigate social media from a public relations perspective can seem daunting at first, if you are unfamiliar with all the different tips and tricks. However, there are some basic practices you can incorporate in your brand’s social media strategy that do not require extensive thought but make a difference. Before trying to tackle all the ins and outs of your social media strategy at once, here are a few simple steps to focus on that will help get your social media brand on the right track. 

1. Ensure that you have established a brand voice.

In other words, give your brand a personality, and make sure that all captions, posts and responses fit that personality and writing style. A brand voice is important for many reasons, as outlined in this article by Socialnomics — one of the most important being that a brand voice provides consistency, which makes your brand more memorable. Establishing a brand voice on your social media platforms will help your audience develop a familiarity with your brand, which will better allow them to connect with you or your company. 

2. Use and follow hashtags that relate to your brand.

Studies have shown how the use of hashtags has proven effective in building a brand online. In the words of an Instagram strategist who was involved in a case study on the subject, hashtags “help you get discovered.” Using relevant hashtags on posts and photos will aid in the process of building engagement by exposing your platform to audiences who may enjoy what your brand has to offer. You can then “like” and engage with posts using the same hashtags to gain more exposure and cultivate a community.

3. Do not stray from your goal or niche.

It can be easy to get swept up in trying to gain more followers and pique more interest, but be sure to remember your brand’s purpose. Be careful not to post content that has little to do with your brand simply because it seems to generate more engagement. Building a brand authentically is a process, and in time a loyal community will form as long as you are consistent and remember your goal. Be patient and trust the process!

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