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3 Technology Trends for PR Pros to Watch in 2018

March 25, 2018 the Bradford Group

Public relations is constantly evolving – from the introduction of the internet to the rise of social media, our industry must frequently adapt to new innovations. Fortunately, new technologies and tools help us get our clients’ messages to the right audiences in new and exciting ways, meaning there’s never a dull moment in our world. 

One of the reasons it’s so critical for us to adapt to technology changes is because our clients’ customer bases are doing the same. We must be aware of current trends and be able to advise our clients on best practices. Here are a few new developments in technology we can harness as PR professionals to better carry out our mission:

The Smaller Small Screen

What began with the Apple Watch has evolved into high-end brands – like Michael Kors, Fossil and Kate Spade – developing their own smartwatch versions, which combine classic looks with the new technology application. This trend will continue to grow as both early critics and classic watch collectors are caving in and adopting the new technology. Our targeted audiences can now see more, do more and learn more with consistently less effort, and the real estate we have to disseminate our messages has gotten smaller. Key: Concise and clear messaging has never been more important. Rethink your communications as much as possible, seeking to optimize content for smaller screens.

The Visual Shift

The shift from print to digital is not a new trend, but advancements continue to be made in digital strategy. Advertising and general media are embracing the idea of video messaging for things like breaking news and product release information over written-word messaging. Short form content will continue to win the day. Key: Make user experience your priority. Invest more time in improving your messages to include multimedia platforms. Video and images are becoming increasingly favored among customers.

Short Window Shipping

Target recently rolled out its version of same-day delivery options – becoming the latest of retailers to offer the service. Now, customers are able to order products or services online and receive them in short windows of time. This advancement requires us to recognize that consumer mindset is shifting from driving to stores and standing in lines. Rather, they opt more often for the convenience of online shopping. Key: Consider your offerings and connected marketing plans and how they can be maximized to tap into the new thinking of your customers.

The main thing to remember about our technical world is that it’s always changing, and it demands that we do the same. If we choose not to (or fall behind even by accident), we are not only setting ourselves back as PR and marketing professionals; we’re also setting back our clients who would benefit from such services and expertise.

One of the reasons it’s so critical for us to adapt to technology changes is because our clients’ customer bases are doing the same.

It’s a constant battle to remain relevant as technology continues to change, but we’ve never had more tools at our disposal. Continue to invest time and money into the cutting edge instead of letting it cut into your business.

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