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4 PR Tips to Showcase Customer Success Stories and Generate Awareness

February 26, 2019 Steve Wonsiewicz

In the daily hustle and bustle of marketing and promotion, companies often forget they have public relations gold staring them right in the face: customer success stories.

Promoting customer success stories can generate publicity, get people talking about your company and its brand and generate sales leads.

1. Happy customers tell the best stories

Storytelling is at the heart of PR and happy customers tell the best stories. Customer stories put a human face on your product or service and help build trust in your company and brand. They also serve as a third party endorsement, which is essential to attracting new business leads.

Storytelling is at the heart of PR and happy customers tell the best stories.

2. Customer success stories help generate media interest and publicity

 In the B2B world, winning new business is all about solving customer problems and pain points – and some of the best publicity focuses on customer success stories. Before they write about your company, media gatekeepers will want to see proof that customers are willing to shell out their hard-earned money. Posting several success stories on your website will help prove your point to journalists and editors.

3. Customer success stories are perfect for sharing on social media

Customer success stories are a social media bonanza. It’s easier than ever to create high-quality videos and photo decks, so post that content on your company’s website and share it across all the major social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn). In the U.S., 68 percent of adults regularly visit Facebook and 73 percent visit YouTube. Your potential customers are out there sharing news and information. Make sure your actual customers are part of the conversation.

4. Case studies are a go-to resource for B2B buyers

Case studies (and by default, customer success stories) are a tried-and-true way to showcase how your company’s products/services solve a customer problem. In its 2018 Content Preferences Survey Report, Demand Gen found that 79 percent of B2B buyers used case studies when making purchasing decisions. One important point here: make the customer the focus of the case study and celebrate their results.

Happy, satisfied customers are the fuel that drives a business. By showcasing their stories you’ll also drive your PR and marketing to greater heights.

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