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5 Traits of a Bradford Group PR Pro

September 11, 2017 the Bradford Group

So you want to work at a PR agency. Better still, you want to work at this PR agency. We have a great group of PR aficionados here – working hard every day to secure media coverage, win awards and create compelling content for our many clients. And we are always happy to welcome more to team.

What does it take to make your mark at the Bradford Group? Here are five traits we look for in fellow team members.

You’re able to shift your focus at a moment’s notice

We are what some would classify as a “boutique” PR firm, meaning we are small but mighty. As such, our team members may be working on four to six accounts at one time. Every client is important and needs a good deal of TLC to get the results they deserve. If you are planning to come into work and focus your entire day on one account, chances are that plan will change before you reach your desk.

At this firm, you must be prepared to pivot your attention, and thought processes, between multiple clients at any given time throughout the day. You may be writing a press release for a tech company, a blog post for a financial firm and an award application for a healthcare business – all before lunch. If you can shift gears and refocus with ease, you’ll do well on our client teams.

You like to immerse yourself in new concepts and industries

One thing’s for sure, at the Bradford Group you will learn a lot about many different industries. As a team we are well versed in implementing PR campaigns for technology, finance, healthcare and legal companies, and other business-to-business organizations, but we didn’t all walk in the door with that knowledge. A key to success at this firm is the desire to learn. The B2B world, and the tech world in particular, can be especially challenging. We’re always learning new industries, business concepts or PR tactics whether we’ve been working with a client for five weeks or five years.

To be the best PR partners we can be, we learn our clients’ businesses as thoroughly as possible so we can communicate their messages clearly and accurately. Demonstrate a similar thirst for knowledge, and you’ll be a great asset to our firm.

Your writing is something to write home about

What do media pitches and releases, blogs, award applications, email marketing pieces, website and social media content, byline articles and speeches all have in common? Writing! This is the basis of everything we do, and our computers are our most valuable tools. Here, your writing ability is one of the most worthwhile skills you’ll bring to the table. Your writing will improve as you grow at this firm, but coming in day one with a solid foundation will set you up for success. 

Along with a great knack for the written word, we also value strong proofreading skills. As our thoughts and fingers are flying, it’s easy for a misspelled word or an incomplete thought to slip in. Catching these in our own writing and our colleagues’ content helps us all grow as PR professionals and keeps our firm’s sparkling reputation in tact.

You can keep up with the daily demand and lend a helping hand

Did I mention we are a small firm serving many clients? When you’re completing multiple projects at once, it’s inevitable that deadlines will land on the same days. Even when this is the case, it’s important to the client and to the team that all due dates are met. On your accounts, your fellow team members rely heavily on you to meet your deadlines and speak up when you need help hitting the mark. They will be happy to step in and lend a hand, and will look to you to do the same. Some projects require extra hands and brains to complete, and helping out wherever you’re needed (no matter your job title or PR background) goes a long way at the Bradford Group.

You’re ready for some fun along the way

We work hard as a team, so it’s only right that we also have fun as a team. Throughout the year we have the opportunity to enjoy perks like Beer Fridays, community service activities and company outings. This gives us a chance to talk to each other about anything not related to press releases and pitch topics. We look for team members who can dive into the work side of life at the Bradford Group, but we also want individuals who will be just as enthusiastic about joining in the fun as well.

Does this sound like you? If so, we may have a position for you.

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