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Bringing More Focus to Instagram

April 7, 2018 the Bradford Group

Our marketing strategies are nothing without the mediums we use to disseminate them. While some platforms that we’ve spent years learning to master, such as Facebook, are going down in popularity, there is one that continues to grow rapidly and doesn’t show signs of stopping: Instagram.

Instagram is not new, but its evolving feature set continues to bring value to businesses and individuals that maximize its capabilities. Using Instagram more in your marketing strategy is particularly important now as other platforms like Snapchat and Facebook are losing popularity.

From November 2016 to November 2017, users left Facebook in record numbers, accounting for a 23 percent drop of users among 21-34 year olds in that time span. (Nielsen Digital Content Ratings). Conversely, Instagram added over 100 million new, daily users in that timeframe. The majority of Instagram users are between the ages of 18-29, and 60 percent of online adults use Instagram.

2/3 of a business’ profile views on Instagram come from non-followers.

So how do we integrate more of Instagram in our marketing strategies? Here are three things to start doing now:

Instagram Stories

The time that brands get with their audiences is limited, but you can maximize it by joining the 300 million (and rising) daily users of the Stories feature. Instagram’s algorithms (come on, chronological order!) rearrange content, which means posts followers may want to see end up pushed down so they’re seen much later, if at all. On the other hand, stories appear at the top and are growing in popularity, especially thanks to some newly released features. Plus, the ability to include direct ordering links has really appealed to businesses. Check out more on how to master your Stories game.


Posts with hashtags receive 13 percent more engagement. It’s the #truth. Being mindful of what hashtags you use has never been more important. Hashtags continue to be one of the most effective ways to engage and add more followers. Instagram now also has a feature allowing users to follow selected hashtags. Learn how to master what was once just a number sign here. #justdoit

Maintain Appearances

The top 60 percent of brands use the same filters throughout their profile. Social media is a crowded space, so whether you choose black and white, vibrant color, highlighting or anything in between, give your visuals an identity to help them stand out. Adele’s strategy is a great example. She chooses to leave her social media to the pros on her management team. They choose to post in mostly black and white or muted color, which has become an extension of Adele’s brand, aligning with her clothing and album artwork. We focus a lot on content, but presentation is equally as important. It all affects the result.

The key to understanding the importance of the platform is simple: 2/3 of a business’ profile views on Instagram come from non-followers. These users are fresh customers and new prospects, but you may lose them to your competitors if you fail to implement Instagram in your audience outreach.

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