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Come Work With Us!

October 19, 2018 Gina Gallup

Bradford Group PR jobsWe think we’re an awesome company filled with awesome people (and we’re pretty sure we’re right). We are hiring now for a new Account Manager position, and some people want to know why they should come and work with us.

Here are just a few reasons:


1. We’re a well-respected company with a long list of PR bona fides.

That’s not just whistling the proverbial ‘Dixie.’ We have decades of experience and we understand what gets our clients noticed. We become our clients’ marketing partners and help them achieve desired results. Basically, we really know our stuff and we are committed to excelling in what we do.


2. We adapt with the times.

Public relations isn’t just getting a story in the newspaper or on TV, though that is still very important. It’s working with bloggers and on social media. It’s providing effective and search engine-optimized content for use online. It’s using inbound marketing to draw customers to clients’ websites. It’s effectively utilizing PPC and other advertising. It’s tracking visits, clicks and other engagement, and using the analysis to create more compelling and informative content. And more. Plus, we’re not afraid to test and incorporate new technology – though we don’t adopt something just because it’s the latest, greatest thing, but if it will support and enhance the work we are already doing.


3. We are in East Nashville.

We have a hip space in the hip area of town. We’re just that cool.


4. We’re growing.

We have have been consistently growing for the last few years and are hiring right now. That brings a real sense of excitement to our group and makes it an ideal time to join our team.


5. We love celebrations.

Whether it’s pumpkin decorating, birthdays, rewards for meeting quarterly goals or because the week is ending, we find ways to just have fun together.


6. We promote from within.

We love to see our employees grow and we recognize it and support it. As our company expands, we move our own people up our internal ladder.


7. We won’t let you get bored.

No one here has the same day twice. From pitches to blogs to websites to event planning to graphic design to working with clients to __(fill in the blank)__ — and for a wide variety of clientele — we all wear a lot of hats, thrive on deadlines and work hard. And we offer flexspace, so our people can work from other locations a couple of days each month – be it your favorite coffee shop, somewhere in Europe or right at home.


We believe our amazing team is what helps us excel.

8. We’re constantly learning.

From using new tools to pitching an unfamiliar medium to attending conferences and webinars to understanding a new industry inside and out, we are constantly expanding our knowledge and applying it to drive our clients and our company forward. That’s why everyone here gets a budget for professional development.


9. We trust our employees to do what needs to be done.

We’re not micromanagers. We encourage both collaboration and independence. We work together to brainstorm, answer questions, plan projects and address issues. And then we let our people complete their work in their own way.


10. We hire the best.

The Bradford Group is made up of excellent thinkers and writers who can communicate clearly and persuasively. We manage our time efficiently and work well together and independently. We place a premium on creativity, innovation and passion. We believe our amazing team is what helps us excel. We hire smart, experienced self-starters who work proactively to generate targeted results for our clients.


Learn more about our company, our people and our culture here and here.


If you want to apply for our Account Manager position, or any other position, send us your info!


Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in March 2014 and was updated in October 2018.

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