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Dalton Agency + the Bradford Group: What the Bradford Team Is Excited For

April 15, 2020 Bailee Mulder

Nashville SkylineIt’s officially official! The Bradford Group merged with the Dalton Agency to form the 4th largest public relations and advertising agency in Nashville. Needless to say, the Bradford team is excited about expanded services for our clients and getting to know our new coworkers. Here’s what we’re looking forward to most:

I am looking forward to the expanded services we will offer and the huge clients we will close.”
Jeff Bradford, President

“I’m looking forward to the new opportunities that will come from the merger and the new ways we’ll be able to help our clients. And I can’t wait to get to know all of our new teammates!”
Molly Aggas, Senior Account Executive

“With all the talent the Bradford and Dalton teams will bring together, I’m looking forward to expanding our services for current and future clients to offer the full gamut of public relations and content marketing. The Bradford Group also has an amazing company culture, and I’m excited to have new coworkers to share our culture with!”
Chloe Coley, Account Executive

The Bradford Group is adding 10 Dalton employees to our office in Nashville, nearly doubling our staff here alone – and across Dalton’s Jacksonville and Atlanta offices, we’re getting 83 new coworkers!

“I think I’m most excited about all the new services we’ll have to help our clients get their messages out. At Bradford Group, we’ve always done a handful of things really well, and meanwhile, Dalton does a bunch of other things really well. Together, we’ll be doing, like, four handfuls of things really well.”
Jonathan Houghton, Senior Account Executive

“With the Bradford and Dalton merger complete, it’s exciting to now be working for a company ranked among the top five public relations firms in Nashville!”
Natalie Kilgore, Account Director

“In addition to getting to know our new team members and learning from them, I’m excited for all the new services we can offer our clients. We’ve been trying to figure out how to add more digital services to our docket, and this is probably the best solution we could have come up with!”
Julia Motis, Account Executive

In addition to public relations, social media and content marketing, some of our new services include: advertising creative and campaign development, media planning and buying, digital media and producing, branding, website design and programming, and video and animation production. 

“Dalton offers a range of cutting-edge marketing solutions — especially for digital and video — that will significantly enhance the Bradford Group’s own capabilities for new and existing clients.”
Anthony Priwer, Senior Account Executive

“I am very excited about working with the Dalton Agency team. I foresee tremendous opportunities to better serve our clients with the extensive expertise that Dalton brings to the table and to generate new business in Middle Tennessee and throughout the Southeast.”
Steve Wonsiewicz, Account Executive

“Combining our expertise with the Dalton team can only mean one thing — spectacular results for all of our clients.”
Amy Stevens, Senior Account Manager

“I’m excited about the new opportunities! Opportunities for each of us to grow and learn new things, for our company to expand our capabilities and for our clients to take advantage of new offerings that complement and amplify existing marketing initiatives.”
Gina Gallup, Senior Vice President 

What a way to mark our 20th anniversary! As we begin to work together, I think I can speak for everyone when I say that we’ll continue to value smart, active, results – all while learning the power of different.

Dalton Agency/Bradford Group Announcement

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