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How Do You Consume Media?

November 6, 2013 the Bradford Group

We’ve been interviewing a lot lately.

Usain-BoltWhich is great, because we’re growing faster than Usain Bolt can strike his lightning pose. Okay, probably not that fast, but I can barely remember the Bradford Group that I joined three years ago now that we’ve more than doubled in size.

As an antsy Millennial, change is good. Or in Jeff Bradford’s words, “Millennials hate to be bored and want to work in an employee-centered workplace.” True story. Lucky for us, growth is anything but boring.

I have a love/hate relationship with the interview process.

Love: meeting new people and learning what gets them up in the morning.

Hate: realizing the candidate sweating sitting in front of you might not be the right fit for our culture, company or current needs.

Love: asking challenging questions, and watching a candidate’s creativity and insight as he or she answers.

Hate: ho-hum responses.

As a PR professional, we consume media as if through an IV—there’s a constant drip of news flooding our waking hours, and that’s how we like it.

When you interview at the Bradford Group, you get to meet all the Groupies, and it has been fun to watch Groupies develop their signature interview question. Jeff has the one about the stapler, Gina pulls out the 1-10 rating system, and I…let’s just say I have a couple.

My favorite question at the moment is, “How do you consume media?”

It’s a two-part question really, and one that’s extremely important in the PR industry. The first part of the question is “how,” in other words, “through what mediums do you consume media?” The second part is, “what outlets do you consume?” Do you…

  • Subscribe to a newspaper?
  • Follow reporters on Twitter?
  • Get excited for dentist appointments, because while you don’t have cable, you’re always jazzed to watch “The Morning Show” in the waiting room.

As a PR professional, we consume media as if through an IV—there’s a constant drip of news flooding our waking hours, and that’s how we like it.

Before I get out of bed in the morning, I browse the AP mobile app. If I missed the live broadcast the night before, I’ll listen to the Marketplace podcast during my morning run. While I’m getting dressed, I’ll turn on the local broadcast. On my commute into the office, I listen to NPR. In the office, I check My Feedly feed where I subscribe to 75+ blogs, and my Twitter feed where I follow over 100 reporters. And this all takes place before 9 a.m.

Why do I do all of this? First and foremost, because I *love* it. I feel more connected to my community, more invested in my nation and more educated about the intricacies of our world when I understand what’s going on.

Secondly, I do it for my clients. The more I know about media outlets, reporters, current events and coverage opportunities, the more dots I can connect to plug my clients into the story. Just as reading makes you a better writer, consuming media makes you a better PR professional.

Bruce BogtrotterWhen looking to add a new Bradford Groupie, we search for individuals who thrive on knowledge, have a deep respect for the media industry and its reporters, photographers and editors, and who get as much joy out of consuming news as Bruce Bogtrotter gets out of chocolate cake.

We also look for team members who understand that the media industry is changing. News is breaking online first, and subscribing to your community’s main daily is a great first step, but it won’t get you the full story anymore. Using Twitter as your sole source of news won’t get you the full story either. Our Groupies need to be excited to roll with media’s changing future.

So, how do you consume media? Let me know in the comments below.


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2 comments on “How Do You Consume Media?
  1. Katie Marcario says:

    Hi there,

    My name is Katie Marcario and I’d like to apply for the open position at The Bradford Group. I’ve spent the past year in the PR/Marketing industry and am currently serving as a freelance publicist, but am looking for something more stable. Please let me know who I can send my resume to as I’d love to be considered.

    Thank you,

    Katie Marcario

  2. Drew Logsdon says:

    My media consumption on a daily basis usually goes like this…

    1) Check Google News first thing in the morning. I have filters setup to pull directly for Nashville news items as well as from other areas of particular interest through Google alerts. Additionally, I make sure I check the whole feed. Just because Science and Health are at the bottom doesn’t mean there’s a lack of interesting items.

    2) Check Twitter feed for a round-up of blog writers I follow as well as news outlets. Usually have a tab running all day to check periodically during downtime. Also make sure I use the search function to see other responses or stories on items that have piqued my interest from the Google feed.

    3) Check the news subreddits I subscribe to on Reddit. This is usually last and kept strictly to the postings but if there seems to be a lot of comments to a particular story then I want to read those too. Great to get the perspective from others who are also consuming the same story.

    4) Listen to podcasts around the house from NPR. More-so on the weekends and never forgetting “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me!”

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