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How to Become a Bookworm

July 22, 2019 the Bradford Group

What if there was one way to increase intelligence, boost brain power, lower stress and help you sleep? Would you do it? Good news, it’s as simple as cracking open a book! PR professionals are widely known for keeping their nose in the news, but expanding your genre of reading materials can be a serious benefit to your professional and personal life. At the Bradford Group, we encourage our team to take advantage of this life-changing tool by implementing the Bradford Book Club, where we pay you upon finishing any book of your choice that you believe will benefit you professionally. 

You may have heard about the benefits of reading before, but have yet to take the plunge. What’s holding you back? For many people, it’s finding the time. 

Don’t be trapped into thinking that you need a week-long vacation on the beach to reap these benefits. Here are our top tips for quickly becoming a bookworm: 


Make It a Habit 

If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have time to scroll through social media. Period. The problem isn’t having a lack of time, it’s what you do with that time. If you keep your phone close to you at all times to use as a distraction during your free time, why not a book? Waiting at the doctor’s office, during your lunch break or before a meeting are all opportune times to squeeze in a few minutes of knowledge and enjoyment. Wherever the place or whatever the case, there’s always an opportunity to read. 


Read What You Like

This sounds obvious, but so many people read books because they think they should. Maybe you’re one of them! Just because the New York Times says it’s great, doesn’t mean it’s great for you. Don’t torture yourself by drudging through a book you’re not interested in. Is there a subject you’ve always wanted to learn more about? A skill you’d like to develop? Or looking for a funny escape from reality? There’s a book for all of those desires and more! 


Listen In 

Feeling defeated because you don’t have the attention span to read for hours on end, or spend more time cleaning or exercising then you do reading? Don’t dismay! There are no significant differences in comprehension between reading and listening to a book, according to a study from Sage Journals. Take advantage of this fact by utilizing tools like Audible or AudioBooks or inquire about your local library’s audiobook program. Besides the educational benefit, listening to audiobooks can make any commute, task or wait go by in a flash. 

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