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Internships Fueled by PR, Not Coffee Runs

November 21, 2014 the Bradford Group

The college experience makes grand promises of adventure, self-discovery and career preparation to wide-eyed freshmen. Whether they are soul-searching or have their lives mapped out, before students even unpack in their closet-sized dorm rooms, they’ve heard the heavy question, “What are you majoring in?”

Choosing a career field from the get-go can have its benefits, but it often pigeonholes students into a particular industry, one of which they may only know from textbooks. Alone, the college experience does not equip students in making the transition to full-time positions fresh out of the ramen noodle-eating, Netflix binge-watching college lifestyle. Interning is the sweet spot between higher education and the commitment of a full-time job. It’s a time for students or recent graduates to see if they really are gung-ho about their prospective industry, and it’s a safe zone to try, fail and learn.

This fall, we had the privilege of working with Ethan from Belmont University, who juggled an internship with us and his school workload. As an audio engineer major and marketing minor, Ethan desired experience that would complement his education and further prepare him for life out of college.

Ethan has worked on teams for clients in the commercial real estate, hospitality and healthcare industries. Through our internship program, we work with every intern to design a semester-long project that builds on his or her strengths and interests. Be sure to stay tuned, because Ethan has been working on two incredible videos for the Bradford Group.

Ethan has succeeded here at the Bradford Group because he exemplifies traits we value in our interns:


Coming from a non-PR background, Ethan sought a challenge when pursuing an internship at the Bradford Group. We’ve appreciated his eagerness to try new things and his ability to learn quickly. Our interns participate in the life of the agency, so Ethan was there for fun gatherings like Beer Friday and when we went go-carting earlier this month (he kicked most of our butts). But more importantly, he’s participated in weekly company meetings, small group collaborations and quick one-on-one discussions, and he’s contributed great ideas.


Ethan quickly picked up on our pace of work here at the Bradford Group. From the first day, he has handled a variety of responsibilities, including writing social media copy, coordinating client events and building media lists. He’s honed his prioritization skills and communicates his progress of work effectively.


Ethan is analytical and calculated in the way he address all projects. He thinks through every angle and is determined to try and figure things out on his own first. Sure, he asks questions when needed, but because of his autonomy, we’ve gotten to see his creativity and critical thinking skills.

Our interns don’t make coffee runs, they produce real work for our clients. As such, we look for students and recent grads that are hungry to learn and work in a fast-paced and rewarding atmosphere.

The new year is ahead, and we’re on the hunt for interns for the spring semester. We think that internships are some of the most useful experiences a college student can pursue, and we’re dedicated to making each and every intern’s time at the Bradford Group count. Come join us at the Bradford Group, we’ll work with your spring class schedule and be sure you leave here with a portfolio packed with things you can brag about!

If you’re interested, email a cover letter and resume to

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