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Major Keys to Social Media Success Inspired by DJ Khaled

February 9, 2016 the Bradford Group

It’s not easy to stand out on social media. In fact, it’s actually really difficult most of the time. But one hip-hop guru has been killing the Snapchat game, inspiring a pop culture phenomenon and cementing the 🔑 emoji into the “recently used” section of Millennials’ emoji keyboards ‘round the world.

Breaking through the fog of “feelin’ myself” selfie videos and amateur foodie snaps, shining like a beacon of hope, is Khaled Mohamed Khaled. Better known as DJ Khaled, this Grammy-nominated DJ and producer found fame in 2006 with the release of his first solo record. Since then, Khaled has gone on to produce some of the biggest hip-hop hits of our time, featuring the likes of Kanye West, Drake and Lil Wayne. In his own words, all he does is win.

Khaled joined Snapchat in September 2015. By December, he was receiving anywhere from 1.7 million to 3 million views per post — an unprecedented amount. Even more importantly, content from his snaps started showing up on other social media platforms and in day-to-day conversation. Khaledisms, like “bless up”, “the 🔑 to more success,” “they don’t want you to _________ [eat breakfast, drive a Lamborghini, etc.]” and “another one” are now plastered across timelines everywhere. Even the White House is in on the fun, quoting Khaled on their Snapchat and featuring him in a promotional video for Obamacare.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 10.41.30 AM

While Khaled is mostly straight-faced in his snaps, there’s an element of humor surrounding the hype. He seems more like a character than an actual human. He posts his daily rituals — watering his plants, working out, showing off meals by “Chef Dee” and traveling around Miami by sea-doo, often to rap mogul Diddy aka Puff Daddy aka Sean Puffy Comb’s home — all while spouting off signature phrases and wearing head-to-toe WeTheBest gear. To be honest, the man’s a marketing exec’s dream.
khaled3 Khaled2 khaled1

So what are Khaled’s keys to social media success? How does he keep people coming back to his Snapchat for another one?

Major 🔑: Stay consistent.

Followers know what to expect when they click on Khaled’s Snapchat story. He keeps his tone and language consistent, has a cast of recurring, familiar characters and posts similar activities every day. Whether he’s lost on a sea-doo, simultaneously doing cardio and serving up wisdom during “elliptical talk” or interacting with his fans (#FanLuv), you can always be sure that he’s doing it DJ Khaled-style.

For businesses, it’s not that cut and dry. Posting the exact same thing every day won’t get you very far, but it is important to find what works and stay in that realm. Think of your brand as a singular person, maintaining tone, language and content across all platforms. Your audience can’t get to know “you” without a clear and constant message. Find your style and stick with it.

Major 🔑: Stay excited.

A hype-man by trade, Khaled has a way of making mundane things seem exciting. This is best documented in the video below, where he discovers the existence of parfaits.

#djkhaled #newfoodalert #majorkey

“#djkhaled #newfoodalert #majorkey”

Very few businesses have something new and exciting to post every day, but that doesn’t mean your feed has to be boring. Keep the buzz going by finding new and innovative ways to promote your content. Incorporate visuals, like photos, videos and infographics to keep your audience intrigued. If you’re excited about your business, your audience will be too

Major 🔑 : Stay away from “they.”

No one is more anti about the proverbial “they” than DJ Khaled. They don’t want him to eat breakfast. They don’t want him to perform on stage with Madonna. They don’t want him to entertain the masses on Snapchat. Yet he does, walking the path to more success and proving them wrong.

You might feel like they don’t want you to have a successful social media page, but all it takes is a little research. Most importantly, identify your message and stick with it. Once you have a clear vision, figure out who you’re trying to reach — your target audience — and find ways to connect. Track engagement on your posts, and analyze which ones most interest your target audience. Use those as a guide when creating new content.

Make use of the features on different platforms, like list building on Twitter, to follow industry professionals and keep up with news. Keep an eye out for live conversations — forum-style industry discussions usually tracked with a hashtag — and build connections that way. The whole point of social media is to engage, so don’t be scared to jump into a conversation if you have something to say.

Follow DJ Khaled’s keys and you’ll be celebrating success before you know it.

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