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Mary, Mary, How Does A Company Grow

October 17, 2013 Gina Gallup

With planning meets, rewarding treats and passionate team members all in a row

Growing BusinessThe Bradford Group is swinging it out of the park and it’s an exciting place to be. We are continuing to grow (and will be hiring again soon, so stay tuned!), we’re planning the move to larger quarters in East Nashville and we just had an excellent company planning session to ensure our team is working cohesively and efficiently.

When we have our quarterly group meetings, we take a full day to review our progress on the priorities and metrics we set for ourselves in the previous quarter, determine what our upcoming priorities are and align the team so we are all — collectively and individually — supporting our ongoing company goals.

What makes the meetings work, aside from the awesome leadership of Andy Bailey and the Petra Coach team, is the engagement of every person in the firm. It’s an open and unrestricted place to voice concerns, talk about what works, discuss what adjustments or additions we need and get consensus. As we talk through things and discover similarities of thought, we create the top 3-5 tasks to do as a company to move the Bradford Group forward.

Those tasks are then assigned to individuals who are accountable for making sure they happen. Sometimes, they are divided into smaller tasks and assigned to ensure they can be completed within the quarter.

Sounds simple, right? Any company can do this and grow?

Yes. If you take the time to clearly define what you want, chart a realistic course to get there and accomplish the goals that you set, you will be successful. But take notice: when a company has been functioning one way for a long time, it can be difficult and time-consuming to learn new organizational habits.

The first step is finding a day when everyone is available (which is an obstacle unto itself). The next step is to make sure each person is ready for the meeting – taking time before the session to think through the last quarter and its wins and losses, issues that need to be addressed, overall feel of the team and upcoming opportunities.

Then, once we’re in the all-day meeting, the process requires listening to others, allowing yourself to be challenged, challenging others (in a kind way) as necessary, being vulnerable, thinking critically, appreciating each other, welcoming others’ communication and work styles, actively participating in the discussion and committing to improvement.

Plus there are additional practices that can be employed to support the company objectives and ensure the team continues to strive toward achieving them. For example, we keep the momentum with our daily huddles, bi-weekly task reviews and quarterly themes.

We also reward ourselves if we make our quarterly priorities. To celebrate our achievements this last quarter, we did a restaurant crawl last week through East Nashville – with stops at Rosepepper Cantina, Eastland Café, Pomodoro East and Jeni’s Ice Cream.

So, you might be thinking, since there are many steps involved, maybe this isn’t quite so simple?

It’s both simple and not simple. Regardless, it’s working for us. It will work for your company too.

The benefits of having these discussions, making these kinds of corporate changes and creating measureable quarterly objectives mean that long-range plans get executed and both the company and its people achieve success. The result is an organization with a renewed outlook and a team that is accountable, driven and inspired to achieve company growth.


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  1. Stephen Gallup says:

    Sounds great! I hope the BG keeps growing.

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