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Media Hijacking

May 9, 2014 the Bradford Group

Public relations guys and gals are constantly coming up with new ways to position our clients and share news with the media. We know how to research, craft the story and share it with our journalist friends, but we also need to take advantage of what’s already going on in the news cycle.

This is where we can do a little media hijacking and make our client’s story relevant to the trends people are talking about right now. We see this happen in social media all the time, but we should also take advantage of it in the press. The now continuous news cycle constantly provides us with opportunities, but you have to act fast while the topic is still timely.

Here are a few examples:

Lean towards light and seasonal ideas and never try to capitalize on tragedy. Remember to make sure your idea is a good fit for your client and always check that your efforts align with your client’s overall goals. Happy pitching!


Photo credit: @IAmLaceyChabert

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