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Tech News Roundup (May 2019)

May 3, 2019 the Bradford Group

Here are some recent notable stories from the tech industry: 

Let’s Get Personal

Facebook has announced its new dating app, Dating, will launch in the U.S. before the end of this year. Dating promises to be a privacy-safe way to uncover a hidden connection within your existing friends by using a new feature called Secret Crush, which lets you express your attraction to a friend without their knowing unless they reciprocate.

Honey, I’m Home!

Facial recognition isn’t just a cool feature for your iPhone, it’s becoming a staple tool in everything from transportation to education. Now, smart home cameras are the latest piece of facial-recognition technology invading the home space, and capturing this biometric data from your delivery man is largely unregulated. Experts agree that consumers need to make smart purchasing decisions when it comes to data-collecting electronics. Just like you would be mindful of what’s in the food you’re serving to guests in your home, be mindful of what data you’re collecting from them when they appear at your doorstep.

Living in a World with No Likes…

…could soon be a reality, with the potential implementation of a new Instagram change that will hide the number of likes received on each post. Don’t be alarmed – it’s just a test. However, it is part of a wave of changes Instagram has been rolling out, including new efforts to crack down on bullying and to expand the platform into a revenue-generating e-commerce hub. Ultimately, top executive Adam Mosseri explained they would like to see the platform become less “like a competition.”

School Is in Session

After achieving a recent top three ranking on the list of emerging technology hubs in the U.S., local Nashville companies are realizing that the demand for tech-savvy students and young professionals is at an all time high. Starting in fall of 2019, Vanderbilt will welcome students pursuing their master’s degree in data science to its new Data Science Institute. Vanderbilt is the second Nashville-area university to offer this program, as MTSU launched theirs last year.

Uber for Organs

The University of Maryland has created a drone that can deliver donated organs to patients in need. The drone completed its first flight (after over 700 hours in testing) to deliver a kidney to a woman who had waited eight years for the lifesaving transplant. This new technology uses propellers, motors, dual batteries and a parachute recovery system to guard against potential risk, in addition to being monitored by two pilots on the ground throughout the process.

Can I Take a Message?

In an effort to better serve the U.S.’s 30.2 million small businesses, Google has recently launched CallJoy, a system that offers a low-cost customer service agent that helps block spam calls, provide callers with basic business information and can even redirect customer calls to complete their request. Priced at $39 per month, CallJoy is meant to make business owners lives cheaper, easier and more organized, with all calls encrypted, transcribed and accessible on the internal dashboard.

What trends are you seeing in the tech industry? Discuss below!

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