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The New PR Hybrid Professional

November 13, 2013 Gina Gallup

Bradford Hybrid PR ProfessionalThe public relations world is changing. It’s an exciting time. It’s not that what we fundamentally do is radically different. We still build our clients’ brands by creating interest, discussions and interactions. Yet, what used to be limited to press releases and newspaper articles has been expanded to encompass so much more. The future of marketing and public relations belongs to a new breed: the hybrids.

As Paul Roetzer explains in his book, The Marketing Agency Blueprint, “Hybrid professionals are trained to deliver services across search, mobile, social, content, analytics, Web, PR and email marketing. They provide integrated solutions that used to require multiple agencies and consultants.”

Our agency has embraced this philosophy, which is why we are able to offer traditional public relations and outbound marketing services as well as social media and inbound marketing. The ways people consume media and find and purchase products and services are continuing to change and evolve. It makes sense that the role of PR professionals will adapt to accommodate.

The hybrid professional is someone who can strategically work with multiple media and disciplines – understanding how blog posts, search marketing, e-newsletters, events, advertising, media pitching and more all interact with each other – and be able to show the results of what works and why. It’s a wonderful combination of creativity and analytics.

Specifically, the hybrid professional will be competent in the following areas:

   •   Content creation – developing copy for PR, Web, mobile, social and other media that is coordinated, brand-centric, search engine-optimized and results-driven

   •   Social media – understanding the variety of networks and using them effectively for thought leadership, brand awareness and interaction

The hybrid professional can strategically work with multiple media and disciplines and show what works and why. It’s a wonderful combination of creativity and analytics.

   •   Data analysis – finding actionable information and statistics to enhance marketing strategies and tactics, refine target messaging and generate leads

   •   Email marketing – targeting different personas, segmenting lists and guiding potential customers through the buying process

   •   Persuasiveness – using words and actions to affect behaviors

   •   Tech-savvy – having the drive to find, test and learn emerging technologies

   •   Time management – maximizing productivity by planning and prioritizing

   •   Resourcefulness – being able to quickly adapt, pivot and make new decisions as challenges arise

It’s not easy to find all those skills in one person, but they can be learned. If a person has a passion for public relations and marketing, the ability to write exceptionally, the desire to learn, the willingness to be coached, an aptitude for what’s newsworthy and a dynamic personality, he or she can become a hybrid.

We are looking for one right now. Interested? Tell us about yourself.

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