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Three Cheers for Three Years with Molly Garvey!

August 3, 2015 the Bradford Group

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On July 16, we celebrated Molly Garvey’s three-year anniversary at the Bradford Group. Known for her organization, hard work and love of wine, Molly is an integral part of our team. She is definitely a PR rock star – which is especially evident during Steeplechase season! To celebrate, we had her reminisce about her favorite moments in her public relations career at the Bradford Group.

Cheers to three years!

 Describe your first day at the Bradford Group in one word.

Blister-y. When our office was on 2nd, we used to park at LP Field. After hearing that a lot of Groupies walked to/from the stadium instead of taking the shuttle, I made the trek back to my car. Turns out I took the wrong bridge and ended up walking a couple miles in my clearly not-worn-in wedges. By the time I made it to my car, I had blisters on both ankles! I never made that walk – or wore those wedges – again.

What’s been your favorite quarterly celebration or theme at the Bradford Group?

Definitely the Pedal Tavern a couple of years ago.

The TBG crew taking on the Nashville Pedal Tavern

Do you like your office door open or closed?

Usually open

Favorite office must-have or accessory?

Notepads and stationery. And Pilot V5 pens (I’m a lefty, so my writing smears when I use thick gel pens…hence the obsession.)

Favorite mid-day snack?

Something sweet, preferably chocolate.

Favorite Beer Friday beverage?


If you could keep the Bradford fridge stocked with just one thing, what would it be?

Wine… just kidding :) I’ve been on a guacamole kick recently, so let’s go with that.

Favorite project you’ve worked on?

Once race day comes around, it’s so rewarding to take a step back and see that the hard work and late nights paid off. And this view never hurts.

TBG Groupies man the press tent at the 2015 Iroquois Steeplechase

Favorite/funniest Jeff Bradford memory?

The company Christmas parties that Jeff and his wife Jeanne used to host at their house (before we got too big!) are some of my favorite memories. One year, one of their dogs, Happy, got loose. We all walked around the neighborhood shouting his name – and Jeff drove around shouting out the window. It was like a scene out of a movie. (Thankfully Happy was waiting for us when we got back to the house.)

What’s the best thing about working at the Bradford Group?

The Bradford Group provides a work environment where everyone, no matter your title, gets hands-on experience from day one. There hasn’t been a day in the last three years that I’ve been bored at work. There’s always something (or a million things) to do. I’d choose a stressful day over a boring day any day.

My dad always says, “Every day is a school day.” That couldn’t be truer at the Bradford Group.

Congratulations, Molly, on a successful three years!

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