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Top 4 Must-Read Email Newsletters

February 21, 2019 Gina Gallup

reading enewsletterI enjoy reading the news, which, of course, is handy when you work in public relations. The dilemma is that there are so many sources and stories for news these days. It can be hard to keep up. That’s especially true for a PR pro who wants to stay up on general news as well as trade-specific news for various industries.

I’m sure that’s why email newsletters are still such a popular medium. It’s more than just “email marketing.” When done well, enewsletters pull together relevant information and provide it in a succinct, easy-to-read (or at least easy-to-scan) format. I love to peruse – and sometimes pore over – various enewsletters, plus I love to create them for our clients.

And while I subscribe to many different ones, I have found there are a limited number that I truly read consistently. It takes the right blend of strong writing presented compactly, user-friendly design, witty humor and new-to-me information that I enjoy and value.

Here are my top four must-read email newsletters:


1. Total Annarchy

Ann Handley – the super smart and funny author and speaker who has written best-selling books and basically created the world of content marketing with Marketing Profs – has her own fortnightly newsletter. It starts with what is essentially a blog in email form, which is always well written and observant. Then she includes blurbs about other things that may be interesting to her readers. If you do work in marketing or writing, this is a great resource and I promise it will show you things you’ve never seen or thought about before. This is one of the few long newsletters that I give time to because it’s so well done and creative.


2. The Daily Skimm

This newsletter has become very popular, so you have probably heard of it and may already subscribe. If not, give it a try. It appears first thing in the morning and gives a rundown of what’s going on in the world that you should be aware of – from the White House or Syria to the Bachelor or on Twitter. It distills the information in a way that’s easy to read and allows you to feel knowledgeable enough to hold a conversation about it, plus it links to more in-depth information if you want to read further.

There are a limited number of newsletters that I read consistently. It takes the right blend of strong writing presented compactly, user-friendly design, witty humor and new-to-me information that I enjoy and value.


3. The Morning Brew

This is similar to the Skimm, but has more of a business focus. It discusses news stories and how they may affect the stock market, highlights new companies and trends to watch and includes a puzzle of some kind to get your brain thinking a little differently. It provides different information than other newsletters I’ve seen, and it shows you the potential business and financial impact a news item could have. Plus it can inspire new story ideas or connections we can use for our clients.


4. Friday Forward

This is not the typical email newsletter in that it’s not a group of curated stories, but one long-form article. Robert Glazer, founder and CEO of Acceleration Partners, writes about a different topic each week and gives sound insight that can help you personally and professionally. I’m not sure how I got on the email list the first time, and I’m sure I deleted a few early on before realizing it wasn’t spam, but I’m glad I receive it. He primarily shares his experiences, which are easily relatable, and what he learned through them, which is where he shines. He presents information in a new and non-threatening way so you see things from a fresh perspective that can be energizing and thought-provoking.  

What are your favorite enewsletters?

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