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What to Look for When Hiring a Copywriter

April 8, 2013 the Bradford Group

the-marketing-agency-blueprint-the-handbook-building-hybrid-pr-seo-content-advertising-andWith digital content in high demand, many businesses are looking to hire a copywriter, but aren’t exactly sure what to look for. As a firm that finds success in the art of copywriting, we are always looking to hire team members that possess this essential skill and are happy to share a valuable resource.

We at the Bradford Group are big fans of Paul Roetzer, author of The Marketing Agency Blueprint. Paul agrees that content is extraordinarily valuable for companies, and does an excellent job of outlining the skillset needed for effective business writing in his book.

Truth is, there is much more to copywriting than words and paper (or screen). As Paul writes, “There are many talented writers and content services available, but few that possess the wide range of capabilities needed to satisfy the core elements of effective business copywriting.”

This couldn’t be more accurate. A strong copywriter will create powerful, action-oriented content that engages your audience, motivates them to take action and results in a greater return on investment.

Here are a few tips from The Marketing Agency Blueprint on what to look for when hiring a copywriter. We suggest using the below as a checklist for hiring a copywriter, marketing or PR agency to handle your content creation.

  1. Strategy 

    Hire writers that understand marketing strategy, and how to delivery copy that integrates across web, search, social and PR strategies.

  2. Buyer-persona focused

    Great copywriting makes personal connections with readers. Copy needs to speak directly to buyer personas, address their pain points and bring value. Therefore, copywriters – whether internal or outsourced – must have a clear understanding of your client’s target audiences, and know how to engage them.

  3. SEO savvy

    Online content must be crafted for visitors, but optimized for search engines. Ideally, business copywriters will have core SEO knowledge and capabilities.

  4. Strong technical writing skills

    Technically sound copy is concise and powerful. Copywriters need strong technical writing skills and the ability to apply these skills whatever the task, medium or subject matter.

  5. Results driven

    Copywriting needs to be tied to organization objectives, and should play a key role in delivering results, such as generating leads, educating key audiences and positioning as an industry leader. Copywriters should be invested in tracking the content’s performance.

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