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Branding Through Blogging: Concept Technology Inc. (Tech)

Concept Technology Inc. increases name recognition and enhances the brand image with blog posts


Concept Technology Inc. is an outsourced IT service provider, capitalizing on superior talent and service to beat its competitors. The Bradford Group was retained to increase name recognition and enhance the Concept Technology brand throughout the company’s Middle Tennessee service area.


We began by adding a blog to the company’s website and creating weekly posts that commented on and linked to relevant peer blogs, industry news or company updates. In addition, once a month we wrote posts that explored a topic in-depth, like the “Common IT Mistakes Business Owners Make” or commentary on SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act).

These posts were written much like a reporter writes a news article or editorial—with the Bradford Group gathering research, interviewing Concept Technology experts and organizing conclusions. In addition, our posts were multi-dimensional, often featuring multimedia such as photographs, videos, slideshares, quizzes and polls, and were easily adaptable, allowing us to distribute blog content through a email, newsletter or other channels.


Concept Technology’s blog is a remarkable testament to CEO James Fields’ expertise in the IT industry, so much that, in July 2012, James was invited by The Tennessean to write a bi-weekly column on technology for the newspaper.

Published on Sunday or Friday, James’ Tennessean column reached 216,434 or 117,066 print subscribers, respectively, in addition to online views in the hundreds of thousands. Increasingly more and more popular, James’ October 27, 2013 column about hiring technology employees was the Tennessean’s fourth most read online story of the day.


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