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Building Awareness of an Industry Leader: Turner Construction Company (Construction)

Securing major media coverage to establish a company’s presence locally and nationally and build its portfolio

Turner Construction Company is an international construction services company with offices in 45 cities across North America, as well as a presence in 20 countries. Turner is one of the largest general contractors in the United States, with a range of projects in the aviation, commercial, education, health care, justice, pharmaceutical and sports market segments. Turner’s Mid-South office in Nashville, TN has been open for more than 40 years and has worked on many major projects across the Southeast, with clients including Vanderbilt University Medical Center, the Davidson Center for Space Exploration and its freestanding Saturn V rocket, St. Jude Children’s Hospital and Nissan.

The Bradford Dalton Group worked with Turner Construction Company’s Mid-South office for five years, publicizing company news, project milestones and community involvement across Middle and Western Tennessee and Northern Alabama. When we began working with Turner, the company had a strong hold on the health care market and was looking for help establishing Turner as a leading general contractor in Tennessee and Alabama with the goal of securing more high rise office building projects, especially in downtown Nashville.


We focused our efforts on publicizing Turner’s most unique and noteworthy projects in the Mid-South’s booming construction environment. We placed particular emphasis on Turner’s commercial work and expertise in Nashville, securing local coverage in all of the major local media outlets.

We also positioned Turner’s executives as industry thought leaders. We placed particular emphasis on Turner Vice President John Gromos, who leads the entire business unit and whose natural charisma and history as a popular college quarterback made him well-suited to be a public face of the company. We also raised the profile of Business Manager Andy Davis, who has led efforts in Memphis to partner with and support minority- and women-owned business enterprises (MWBEs) in the community, an important initiative in the Memphis area.

Lastly, we shined a spotlight on Turner’s work in the community, including the company’s Founder’s Day–during which employees take part in a number of volunteer projects in their respective cities–its wildlife/tornado relief efforts in Huntsville and its biannual Turner School of Construction Management–a free program open to MWBEs.



  • 145 local media hits about local projects
  • 73 thought leadership articles or interviews secured in local and trade publications
  • 24 thought leadership articles published to Turner executives’ LinkedIn
  • 50 local media hits about community work/events
  • 103 other hits (re personnel announcements/local events, which show Turner’s local presence) 
  • Turner went from having 0 commercial projects in the downtown Nashville area in 2015 to having its flag flying from the crane at 5 downtown projects in 2020.


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