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Launching a Startup: Medalogix (Tech)

A traditional PR approach catapults a startup into the big leagues.


Dan Hogan developed Medalogix predictive modeling software as an answer to health care reforms set into motion by the Affordable Care Act. He turned to the Bradford Group to help spread the word about his innovation.

About Medalogix: In 2009, news surfaced of an ACA provision that would allow Medicare to withhold reimbursements from hospitals when a patient is readmitted within 30 days of discharge. Dan owned a home health agency at the time and knew he needed to find a solution to better combat readmissions. He started researching predictive modeling and developed Medalogix—a software that analyzes data home health agencies already have on hand, like patient records, to identify the top 10 percent of patients most at risk of readmission.

Dan knew the software would prove invaluable, but since Medalogix was the first of its kind, he found it difficult to sell a product the home health industry didn’t know they needed. Additionally, the concept of predictive analytics was cumbersome to someone who had never heard of it. Because of the complexity, Dan required a 20-story building for his elevator pitch.


To educate the public and potential clients about Medalogix, we prescribed three PR and marketing tactics:

1. Traditional PR – The best way for Dan to educate potential post-acute clients about the ACA’s 30-day readmission provision and predictive analytics was to offer commentary about both subjects in popular home health, skilled nursing, medical technology and general healthcare publications.

We reached out to those key publications on Dan’s behalf, coordinated interviews and provided bylined columns.

2. Speaking Engagements – Dan is passionate about his innovation and his enthusiasm is contagious. Additionally, he owned and operated a home health agency, and therefore knew what it was like to be in his potential customers’ shoes. We knew if Dan had the opportunity to speak with industry leaders and influencers about the need for predictive analytics, Dan’s message, and his business, would take flight.

We researched key conferences in the home health sphere, prepared a speaking kit and pitched Dan as a key speaker.

3. Trade Show – To ensure all the bases were covered, we enlisted Dan as an exhibitor at the home health industry’s largest annual conference.  To prepare, we coordinated the logistics and designed tradeshow banners and brochures.


After one year, Medalogix predictive modeling software was featured in nearly 70 publications, which amounted to more than $300,000 in publicity. Dan was a key speaker at a significant conference and made invaluable connections as an exhibitor.

As for the underlying initiative of attracting business, Medalogix’s predictive modeling tool is currently being deployed in more than 30 home health agencies in America.

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