“Generate Measureable Results” is one part of our three-part brand promise. Here are a few examples of the kind of results we generate for our clients.

Building a Company: Davidson Homes (Construction)

How a local home builder transformed into a regional powerhouse


Davidson Homes partnered with the Bradford Group during a period of intense growth for the home builder. Already well-established in Northern Alabama with a number of developed communities, Davidson Homes was ready to expand into both Middle Tennessee and the Research Triangle in North Carolina. With a goal of adding at least one new market per year, Davidson Homes looked to the Bradford Group to accomplish two objectives:

  • Establish Davidson Homes in Middle Tennessee and the Research Triangle as a trusted home builder that builds great homes at a great price
  • Enlarge the market for Davidson Homes in Northern Alabama


We began by performing a full SWOT analysis, which identified the need to distinguish Davidson Homes from the surge of out-of-town builders pouring into Middle Tennessee. (At the time, 60 percent of new homes in Middle Tennessee were built by an out-of-town builder.) We did this by raising awareness of the company both locally and regionally through strategic public relations efforts. We positioned the company’s leadership as thought leaders by offering them as expert sources to trade and national media and drafting relevant blogs. We also submitted the company for local business award opportunities.

The next piece of the puzzle was to boost the company’s online presence. In order to improve search engine optimization (SEO), we included top keywords in blogs and suggested changes to the website and its landing pages. We used social media to inform potential and past customers of recent company news, team updates and unique selling points of the company’s homes. We introduced Davidson Homes to advertising, creating a strategic and effective ad campaign on Google, Facebook and Instagram. As the company neared its 10 year anniversary, we developed a new, sophisticated logo that differentiates the company from its competitors.

Through these efforts, we successfully created buzz for Davidson Homes, with media requesting future updates and development tours and potential customers regularly asking questions about future neighborhoods through social media.

Results after 6 months

  • 4+ stories per month in local and trade news media, on average
  • 35 million+ publicity impressions generated in 6 months
  • 794% increase in website traffic from social media
  • 23% increase in direct website traffic, as a result of an increase in brand awareness
  • 82% increase in unique website visits
  • 150% increase in Instagram followers
  • 40% increase in LinkedIn followers
  • 33% increase in Facebook engagements
  • 24% increase in mobile ad impressions (Alabama)
  • Facebook ad click through rate 43% higher than industry average (Tennessee)
  • PPC click through rate 79% higher than industry average (Alabama)
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