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Strengthening Customer Relationships Through Social Media: Dr. Biesman (Healthcare)

The Bradford Group helps position Dr. Biesman as the trusted source of laser and facial surgery


Since 2003, the Nashville Centre for Laser and Facial Surgery has provided cosmetic and reconstructive services under the leadership of Dr. Brian Biesman, a world-renowned authority on facial rejuvenation, ophthalmic and reconstructive surgery.

Dr. Biesman asked the Bradford Group to develop a successful social media marketing strategy to engage current patients and to start conversations with Millennials, his next generation of patients. The strategy had two objectives:

  1. Use social media channels to position Dr. Biesman as the trusted source of information about laser and facial surgery.
  2. Highlight and leverage Dr. Biesman’s extensive expertise, positioning him as an excellent resource to educate his target audiences

In addition to taking over the Nashville Centre for Laser and Facial Surgery’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, and suggesting the practice discontinue its Foursquare presence, we suggested and established a Pinterest account for the practice.

According to Pew Research Center, 33% of women who use the Internet are Pinterest users. Pinterest users also skew slightly towards the affluent side—those in the highest income bracket are more likely than those in the lowest to use the site, as are those with a college degree or higher compared to those who have not attended college.

Primarily female and with disposable incomes—Pinterest was the perfect channel to add to Dr. Biesman’s social media portfolio.


In the first 18 months of working with the Bradford Group, the Nashville Centre for Laser and Facial Surgery Facebook page grew its “likes” by 275%. More importantly, we grew Dr. Biesman’s Facebook page engagement—the number of fans talking about the Centre—13,533%, or from 3 to 406 fans.

On Twitter, Dr. Biesman’s followers increased 625% in 18 months.

The Nashville Centre for Laser and Facial Surgery’s Pinterest account allowed Dr. Biesman to market existing educational forums to new and more lucrative patients. In 18 months, the new account garnered more than 100 followers for its 27 boards and 467 pins.

By maintaining well-rounded boards—holiday, travel, beauty tutorials, celebrities, etc.—in addition to boards about cosmetic and plastic surgery, Dr. Biesman was able to engage with consumers who share his clients’ demographics, but may not have seriously considered his services before.


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