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Tips and Tricks on Playing in the Business Big League: PETRA Coach (Business Coaching)

Educating the public on beneficial business practices


An entrepreneur with a passion for inspiring business innovation and growth, Andy Bailey founded Petra Coach to pass on to business owners the lessons that helped him build an Inc. 500-ranked company. The Bradford Group helped Andy spread the Gospel of good business practices to an ever-widening audience.


One of the most effective tactics we used to raise awareness among potential clients of Andy’s expertise was placement of fortnightly bylined column in Nashville’s daily newspaper, The Tennessean. The invitation for Andy to contribute a regular column arose from a lunch we set up between Andy and The Tennessean’s business editor.

Introducing clients to key journalists, as we did with this lunch, is often a key component of our public relations programs. We’ve found that reporters and editors are more likely to respond to news pitches when they’ve had a chance to get to know the people behind the stories.  And when an editor needs a source for a story he is working on, he’s more like to call one someone he has met – provided that person impressed him. Fortunately, Andy is an impressive guy.

When the business editor asked us if Andy would be interested in contributing a regular column on management practices, we immediately responded with a list of column topics for the editor’s review.  He approved them and we worked with Andy to have his first column to the paper within a week. And we continue to work with Andy to make sure that every column is of the highest quality and submitted by deadline.


In a typical year, Andy’s columns reach 19,040,446 readers and generate $832,707.08 worth of publicity value for his company, Petra Coach. To gain additional exposure for the columns, we repurpose them in several ways:

  • After the article is published in The Tennessean, we post it to Petra Coach’s blog. This furthers Andy’s reputation as a business thought leader while also enhancing his website’s search engine optimization (SEO).
  • Once posted to his blog, the articles are distributed to Andy’s email list—which includes a combination of existing Petra Coach clients and prospects.
  • We then convert all published articles into pdfs that are printed on cardstock. Andy passes these out during speaking engagements and the company retreats he facilitates.



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