Social media is the first media created entirely by its readers. As a result, the old marketing rules do not apply, and new rules are being made every day. We're helping to write the rulebook.

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Influencer Identification and Outreach

This is another example of how social media is an electronic version of word-of-mouth marketing. The key to “offline” word-of-mouth is finding the right people to get the word out – usually people who are well respected within several unconnected networks – and getting your message to them in such a way that they’ll pass it on. The same holds true in social media, it’s just much quicker and more exact.  

Online Reputation Management

As the saying goes, a reputation that took years to build can be torn down in a day, and this was never truer than it is today, in the world of social media. Our reputation management experts will help keep your online image sparkling clean – ensuring that false negative information is quickly corrected and encouraging positive reviews and comments.

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Great visuals are essential to great communications, and we know our way around the photography industry. Not only is our president an award-winning photojournalist from his days in the newspaper business, we also work with the best photographers in Nashville, a city that draws creative people from around the world. We also have a full studio in our offices that we use for a variety of projects, such as press release headshots and product shots.  

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Social Media Analytics/ROI

Your YouTube channel may be the talk of the town, but is it really driving qualified leads to your business? Do you have a vague suspicion that Facebook is more about having fun than reaching prospects? And why do people tweet anyway? We have the know-how and the software needed to answer these questions and more, providing real time analytics that help you decide how to best allocate your marketing dollars. (But be prepared to be surprised by the effectiveness of social media.)

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Social Media Audit and Strategy

First, we look inside, analyzing how your organization is using social media. Then we look outside by examining what your competitors are doing on social media, finding out what people are saying about your brand on social media and identifying opportunities. From this research we create a detailed plan for getting started on social media or making your current efforts more effective.

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Social Media Campaigns and Promotions

Tweeting once a day or putting up a few photos on Facebook is a fun hobby, but it will not move the needle for a business. Getting people involved with your brand on social media requires an ongoing, coordinated effort that is based on listening and sharing, not selling. Think of social media as gardening, not hunting. Campaigns and promotions – which position social media as a venue for interacting with your brand – are like fertilizer for your social media garden.

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Social Media Editorial Calendars

Magazines have used editorial calendars for generations to let advertisers (and PR folks) know the topics they plan to cover in coming issues. Now, our social media editorial calendars let you and your marketing department know the topics we’ll be tweeting, posting, pinning, sharing and blogging about, months in advance. In addition to ensuring continuity of message across communication platforms, editorial calendars help to weave a continuous story throughout all posts and also coordinate postings with important events.

Social/Email Integration

Email is push, social media is pull. Get them working together – by coordinating email and blog messages or inserting social media “share” buttons into email, to give just two examples – and you’ve created a “virtuous circle” that draws prospects into your sales funnel. For a real halo effect, we automate the process with social media/email integration software.

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We’re all writers at the Bradford Group. But we admit it – many people would rather watch than read. The importance of video on the web is huge and growing, which is why we have made it a key part of our practice, with an on-site video studio and broadcast-trained videographer. And because we are also writers, our videos not only look good, they communicate beautifully as well.

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