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SIGNiX Launches New E-Signature Software for Tax Preparers

TaxDoXTM offers ready‐made solution to securely sign tax documents electronically and reduce paper‐based processes

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn., Feb. 11, 2016 – With tax season in full swing, ​SIGNiX​, the leading provider of cloud‐based ​Independent E‐SignatureTM solutions,​announced today that it has launched ​TaxDoXTM​. The new e‐signature solution was created specifically to allow tax preparers to digitally sign and send tax documents securely through the cloud, while meeting ​IRS compliance standards​for authentication, consent, tamper‐proofing, non‐repudiation and document retention.

The ready‐made solution combines heightened identity authentication for remote signing with the power of SIGNiX’s Independent E‐SignatureTM technology, which permanently embeds the legal evidence of an e‐signature into a signed document for long‐term security.

“Tax preparers desperately need a way to purge volumes of paper during tax season while simultaneously mitigating the risk for compromising clients’ personal information,” said Jay Jumper, CEO of SIGNiX. “That balance isn’t easily found—but because our TaxDoXTM technology uses the highest levels of standards‐based encryption, public key infrastructure, tamper‐proof technology and identity authentication, tax documents become more secure through this process. This opens the door for tax preparers to fearlessly transition their practices into the digital space.”

TaxDoXTM also adds convenience and expediency to the tax preparation process. When documents are signed and filed online, tax returns are processed and returned sooner.And tax preparation customers can sign documents anywhere at anytime with TaxDoXTM, because it deploys e‐signature services for both in person and remote signing.

For those who don’t meet with tax preparers face‐to‐face, TaxDoXTM automatically initiates IRS‐mandated ​Knowledge‐Based Authentication​, which requires signers to answer a series of questions pulled from decades of information found in public databases that isn’t easily found online or in someone’s wallet—such as property ownership or vehicle registration.

The technology also provides a highly granular level of tracking and monitoring through comprehensive audit trail services. This provides both tax preparers and their clients a complete history of each event within the signing process—from start to finish.

“TaxDoXTM can be accessed on any computer or mobile device, so there’s nothing to download or install. We’re pleased to make the current tax season easier and safer for preparers and their customers,” Jumper said.


About SIGNiX:

SIGNiX, the most trusted name in independent e‐signatures, makes signing documents online safe and secure with comprehensive legal evidence permanently embedded in each document to eliminate any dependence upon SIGNiX. The company’s cloud‐based service uses patented technology to give businesses and organizations the most secure and legally defensible e‐signatures available at a fraction of the cost of wet ink signatures. SIGNiX’s products help the world’s leading companies become more efficient, decrease risk and boost profits. For more information, visit​.

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